Thursday 11 December 2008

Staff picks: The Christmas edition

It wasn't too long ago,
when you thought: "Ho ho ho,
Christmas is so far away,
I'll think about presents another day!"

Well the time has come
for some gifting to be done.
It could be a ton of fun
or something boring and hum-drum.

So we'll take you aside,
"Come! Have a look at our handy gift guide!"
It'll save you much deliberation
so that you can enjoy your end-of-year vacation!

Anika: Caracus aka Fiona Watkins, necklace, $159

Anita: Tim Fleming, Harlequin OK hand mirror, $169

Carmel: Zakka Sewing book, $39.95 (more copies are now in stock!)

Joe: Sneak Design (aka Anika Cook), Eyelash framed paper cutting, $132

Kim: Art World magazine, $19.95 (or $90 for a yearly subscription)

Liz: Sarah McNeil Bunny & Bear brooches, $45 each

Lucy: Katie Jacobs, Gouldian Finch salt and pepper shakers, $200

Nella: Felicity Jane Large, knitted strawberry bolo tie, $57

Rose: Jasmina Krupic, bottle top double brooch, $210

Steph: Elfrun Lach, Mum's Pearls (polypropylene, acrylic and freshwater pearls), $425

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