Tuesday, 24 March 2009


As promised, here are some images of our fantastic enCOUNTER display that features work by local designers Alexi Freeman and MATERIALBYPRODUCT.

Both studios are actively engaged in the exploration and promotion of hand processing techniques in contemporary design. While Alexi draws upon dry-point etching methodologies to produce his signature geometric print motifs, MATERIALBYPRODUCT appropriate markers of construction as templates for print design.

What has emerged from this collaboration is the Punched Out and Studded Flapper; an exploration of Alexi's iconic geometric flapper motif that has been reinterpreted with MATERIALBYPRODUCT's investigation of surface: incorporating hand punched leather and a play on the grid, with bifurcated pyramid studs replacing signature beading.

With 2,379 buckled bifubricated pyramid studs in total (and no, yours truly did not stand around counting them, honestly!) and involving over 50 hours of work, the resulting work is something we hope you managed to see.

The work was on display until 22 March.

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