Friday 20 March 2009

Introducing... Felicity Large

Meet one of Melbourne's most fabulous and charismatic jewellers, Felicity Jane Large. Injecting oodles of fun into her playful jewellery, Felicity toys with a range of materials ranging from wool, to acrylic, to found clock parts, all of which form the sum of one jeweller to watch (pardon the pun...)!

Always vibrant and full of colour (like her hair yours truly might add), Felicity is a ray of sunshine and her jewellery will brighten anyone's day. That being said, read away and Happy Friday everyone!
Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into jewellery making? Was it nature or nurture?
I've always been into jewellery. That part was definitely nature. My grandma and her sister used to work for Beville’s, back when there was just one Beville’s store in the city, and a real live Mr. Beville running the place. They imparted their love of jewellery to me at a young age – I was probably the only 5 year old around who knew the difference between gold and gold plate! The part that was in my nature was the craft aspect. I was always craft oriented, whether that meant making paper chains, constructing a swing in the back yard, or painting detailed Christmas motifs onto my fingernails (mmm... classy!). The jewellery and the crafty-ness didn't come together until I started my metals and jewellery degree at Monash in 2003, but when they did, it all seemed to make sense.

You must be glad to be working for yourself now! What are you currently working on?
I sure am! It's been fabulous to spend some time doing my jewellery full time. It's much easier to keep your train of thought, and make progress with what you're doing. Having said that, having one distinct train of thought isn't really my style. I always find myself working on a few different series at once, with different themes and materials. Lately I've been working with fruit again – food being one of the few common themes I always return to. I've been knitting strawberry pendants (pictured top), while also working in acrylic to make fruity bangles (pictured below). I'm also doing a range of fruit pendants combining acrylic with other materials such as silver. Other than that, I've been making jewellery using vintage pocket watch parts (pictured below).

And what's next for you?
I'm planning a super-duper website! My friend Steve put one up for me the other day (thanks mate!) and we're planning to replace it with a web-tastic extravaganza in a few months – yay! As for jewellery- perhaps working with glass, maybe returning to silver for a while, or even crocheted vegie gardens – I'll let you know as soon as I know!

Who are some of your favourite makers?
That's a tough one, there are so many great people out there producing fabulous work. I'd have to say Dani M, my studio buddy (and last week's Introducing... sweetheart!). Her porcelain creations are so elegant, and yet so inviting and touchable. Also Irene Grishin-Selzer from Iggy and Loulou – I just love the stories that are played out in the pieces, and the sense of humour. I also love Mark Vaarwerk's work – the way he transforms household plastics is amazing, and I love the vibrant colours. Other than jewellery, I'm mad keen on Penelope Durston's knitted fingerless gloves – so cosy!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up...
Have a shower. (Or perhaps it's the showering which wakes me up!). This is followed closely by breakfast- usually something shamelessly sugary like Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes.

... and the last thing before bed?
Usually telly.

And finally: one thing you can't live without?
Apart from the telly? My partner. He is always so supportive of what I do, and copes well with my eccentricities!

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