Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Lump of Clay workshop

Last Friday was the first of many workshops to come featuring Chicks on Speed. Entitled Lump of Clay, the workshop was presented by Irene Grishin-Selzer (of Iggy and LouLou). It was extremely well attended, with gallery visitors milling around the table of crafty participants, eagerly peeking at what splendid creations were in the making.

Alex Murray-Leslie and Dani M crafting away
Here's a sample at what some of our lovely ladies came up with:

Barely an hour later and Dani's nimble fingers have produced the sweetest little gumnut baby frame (it's Snugglepot of course)
Irene's little guy.

A big thank you to our generous supporter, Northcote Pottery for kindly supplying us with the materials for the day. Thanks guys!
Also, do check out Dawn's post on participating in the workshop - thanks Dawn! The next workshop to look forward to is the Indigo Dye Workshop happening tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon. Indigo Girls is a craft-action dye event that has previously been performed in Taxco, Mexico and Brooklyn, New York. This workshop is open to everyone (your fine self included!) and there requires no previous knowledge/skill about dyeing. So come, dye some clothes and watch them form part of Viva La Craft! For more information or to book a place, call us on 9650 7775. Be quick!

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