Tuesday 23 June 2009

Kyoko Osato : Handwoven

Here's a look at our current enCOUNTER exhibition featuring a range of beautiful felted winter scarves by Kyoko Osato. Intricately woven, some of the scarves feature delicate lattices of wool while some resemble seaweed strung together. With names like Seaweed scarf and coral scarf, it's not surprising!

And now for a word from Kyoko:

Although there are so many different techniques and colours that can be used in weaving, I choose to use simple structures in order to explore the variations possible within a particular space and no more than two colours on a piece. Felting technique gives a formation to the woven piece just like a child become an adult. The combination of these techniques and elements gives my scarf a 'less is more' contemporary look. Using soft lambswool, I try to combine the practical with the aesthetic to create wearable art.

Kyoko's scarves range from $76 to $130. There are also more of her scarves stocked at COUNTER at the moment, don't forget to come downstairs after you're done ogling!

Handwoven will be on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our streetside display window enCOUNTER until 5 July.

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