Tuesday 11 August 2009

Craft Cubed opening night

On a Friday evening not too long ago was the opening night of our brand new festival, Craft Cubed. There was a great turnout, with lots of friends and family of the participating artists and fans of Handmade Life and Snawklor turning up in full force.

Because good things come in threes, the launch was not just to celebrate Craft Cubed, but also to launch Professional Members' exhibition Perspective and Handmade Life publication I MAKE STUFF: the beta edition, both of which were done to the smooth sounds of arty fellows Snawklor (of which I'll Show You My Craft If You Show Me Yours exhibitor Dylan Martorell is a member of).


Installation view

Clockwise from top: Perspective exhibition work by Maryann Talia, Nicholas Jones, Dell Stewart and Jennifer Bartholomew

To view more images of the opening and the exhibition, click here.

As usual, photos by the ever-lovely Alexia Skok.

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