Wednesday 3 March 2010

Limedrop's 'Silver Lining' AW10 collection: now at enCOUNTER!

On Monday, the lovely folk from Limedrop installed their work in our enCOUNTER display windows. Featuring work from their latest collection, Silver Lining (Autumn/Winter 2010), included in the display are lovely cloud-printed oversized 3 colour jacquard knits, drapey silk cardigans and merino wool scarves.

We'll have photos of the installation up soon, but for now check out this punchy time lapse video of a blue merino wool scarf being knitted.

In case you aren't familiar with Limedrop's fabulous work - although we can't imagine how, Silver Lining is their seventh collection! Limedrop is comprised of the loveliest couple in the world, Clea Garrick and Nathan Price, and here is some info about them:

Limedrop presents 'Silver Lining'

Limedrop’s AW10 Silver Lining Collection delivers a unique mix of casual tailoring and limp volume with the brand’s signature focus on contrasting proportions and unisex styling. A wearable and flattering mix of casual tailoring fused with eye catching and elegant drapery, the collection has the optimism and energy we’ve come to associate with this happy-go-lucky label.

Using colours that are distinctly Australian, Silver Lining evokes the mood of long afternoons on the coast, warm walks through tropical rainforests and slow drives along the Outback’s ever changing horizon.

The collection is subtlety unisex, few pieces are distinctly “his” or “hers”. Limedrop proudly gives control to the wearer to masculinise or feminise each garment according to their own taste and style.
Let your imagination set sale are the inspirational cloud, ocean and desert printed garments. Unusual but not abrasive, spontaneous yet calming, these pieces (drape cardigan and blazer and cropped tee) whether worn alone or together truly represent the fun, charm and cheek of our favourite design duo. The three colour jacquard merino woollen jumpers, cardigan and scaves are also a warm, delightful addition to the collection.

The bold designs of Nathan Price and Clea Garrick continue to fill the pages of Australia’s top fashion editorials including Oyster, Frankie and Russh. The international market has also been charmed by the irresistible Limedrop energy with editorial recently reaching the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia. Limedrop were also shortlisted in 2009 for the Spirit of Youth Australia (SOYA) awards placing within the top 10 finalist position.

Silver Lining is the seventh collection from the Melbourne based brand and is set to excite and inspire their ever growing legion of fans. With their bold use of rich colour, contrasting but complimentary textures, easy layering and flattering shapes Limedrop have again taken poll position as Australia’s leading brand for wearable, practical but always daring fashion.

All Limedrop garments are proudly made and designed in Australia.

This exhibition is part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program. enCOUNTER is on display all day every day, and do drop by Craft Victoria to pick up a Limedrop catalogue featuring their entire Silver Lining collection!

Want more? Visit their website where you'll find links to their online shop, collection archives plus all the latest updates.

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