Monday, 30 August 2010

Craft Cubed featured event: Carly Grace 'Encase'

Today's featured event is Encase by Carly Grace, an installation at TROCADERO Art Space in Footscray that uses a squillion (ok, maybe actually only a few hundred) can bases as the basis (pun!) of the work.

I have clear memories of drawing as a child, creating abstract patterns with swirling lines that covered large sheets of paper. I can remember the way I felt when I was drawing at this young age…musing, transient, engrossed in the process.

Encase is an installation that has been expanded from my drawing practice in recent years, large-scale drawings that are made from very small circles drawn in fine liner and repeated over and over again to create organic patterns.

This artwork is created from hundreds of aluminium can bases, some highly reflective and others dulled with patinas. They are attached to the floor and walls in dense groups and sparsely spread at varying heights. The vast quantity of circular forms creates an organic, asymmetrical pattern, like a skin over the surface of the gallery space. The viewer, having walked towards the narrow end of the gallery, becomes encased in the artwork.

My installation process is one of intuitive decisions about scale, form and tonal gradations, engaging the aesthetic and associative qualities of the materials within the context of the space. It is a playful, experimental process, one where I re engage in the reverie of these first childhood art experiences.

is on until 4 September at TROCADERO (Level 1, 119 Hopkins Street, Footscray). The gallery is open Wed-Sat from 11am-5pm.

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