Friday, 27 August 2010

Craft Cubed featured event: Alex Sanson 'Sculpture for the playground not the pedestal'

Presented by Alex Sanson, Sculpture for the playground not the pedestal does exactly what it sets out to do - create a fun environment for the young 'uns and oldies that's unfettered by troublesome 'please do not touch' signs!

Taking place at Alex's studio and garden, this event involves an interactive and kinetic sculpture that can be climbed, rolled, pushed and pulled, large-scale wind powered globes, small insect-like delicately balanced pieces to blow on, plus a very intriguing description of one sculpture as a 'huge rolling ball'.


Here's a peek:

Orbular radiator

Huge rolling ball sculpture perhaps?

Make sure you check it out! Hey and maybe you could even bring the kids!

Sculpture for the playground not the pedestal is on every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm until 4 September at Metaform, Alex's studio. Metaform is located at 344 Old Drummond Road, Taradale.

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tjoyy said...

wow these look fantastic - hope to check out!