Thursday 26 August 2010

Craft and Design as a Career: what a blast!

Our annual seminar Craft and Design as a Career took place a couple of weeks ago. Once again tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, no doubt due to this year's excellent line up!

Tackling the business side of things was Evan Lowenstein (Lowensteins Arts Management) about the GST's and ABN's of accounting, Rhiannon Hardinham (i dream a highway) giving advice tips on how to approach retailers (hot tip: don't turn up unexpected and towing work during shop hours), Lara Olsen (Energy Return) on running a successful and sustainable practice, Melissa Loughnan (Utopian Slumps) about commercial gallery representation, Grace McQuilten (The Social Studio) on founding her socially aware and engaging organisation, Jo Walker (frankie magazine) and Lucy Feagins (The Design Files) on how to garner media interest (hot tip/metaphor: media people are like monkeys who need to be fed your information like peeled bananas), Stephen Banham (Letterbox) on never undestimating the power of a graphic identity, and finally jeweller and designer Nina Ellis with sculptor Titania Henderson on developing your practice with a mentor.

A big thank you to all of our lovely speakers for presenting such wonderful ideas and thoughts, and of course Melbourne Museum, our ongoing partner for the event, who provide amazing staff support (we couldn't do it without Laura Murphy!), the theatre space and delicious tea breaks! And thanks also to in.cube8r gallery for their generous assistance in not just supporting Craft and Design as a Career, but for all of the wonderful ongoing opportunities that they provide to many emerging designers through their store on Smith Street.

And finally, not forgetting our own Lucy Piggin for putting together such a fantastic event. Yay Lucy and hurrahs all round!

Hi Michaela!

Two lovely Lucy's - Lucy Piggin & Lucy Feagins (L-R)

Lucy on the left is the organisational genius behind not only Craft and Design as a Career, but Craft Cubed too!

Jeweller & sculpture Nina Ellis on developing your practice with a mentor

Nina and her mentor, Titania Henderson

Lovely photography by Lily Feng

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Evie said...

must act quicker next year! dont want to miss out again. thanks for sharing a little about the event here x