Friday 17 September 2010

ArtPlay x Michael Doolan workshop, Sat 11 Sept

In addition to Craft Hatch, last Saturday was a busy, busy time for us with Michael Doolan's Imaginary Animals ArtPlay workshop taking place just up the road at ArtPlay on Birrarung Marr.

Using clay (and their vivid imaginations), the kids created a slew of hybrid mythical creatures. This workshop is part of a collaboration between Craft Victoria and ArtPlay to introduce Craft Victoria artists to the young 'uns through fun, interactive workshops. Imaginary Animals with Michael Doolan is the third workshop of the year, with the final workshop to be facilitated by jewellers Meredith Turnbull & Bridie Lunney. Stay tuned for more info!

Here are some photos from the day!

Michael's daughter Pepa reading a story to the kids to get their creative juices going

We used handbuilding earthenware clay from Northcote Pottery Supplies (which is actually in East Brunswick, not Northcote)

Michael showing how to smoothen out a sphere made out of two 'pinch pots' stuck together

Some of the finished works:

For more images, click here

Photography: Kim Brockett

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ben said...

woop! what fun day :)