Wednesday 1 December 2010

Studio visit: Michaela Bruton

We've been keeping an eye on Fresh! 2009 winner Michaela Bruton since she took home the grand prize last year, and it sure has been a busy 2010 for Michaela! Since launching her stunning jewellery collection under the label A.D. (which is available at Alice Euphemia), Michaela's been industriously devoting time to her practice and recently nabbed herself a studio space at the Nicholas Building.

Since we're practically neighbours now, CLOG took the liberty of inviting ourselves over to Michaela's studio and we took some pictures of where the magic happens. But of course it wouldn't be much fun if we kept it to ourselves, so here's a selection of highlights!

By the way, make sure you check out Oomph Trajectories, Michaela's exhibition of new drawings and fine metalwork in the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins lobby, which was part of her Fresh! prize. Oomph Trajectories is on display until Tue 1 March 2011.

Work bench

Michaela's signature filligree work

Selection of crystals

Sketch by Michaela.
Like it? Then take a peek at our Craft Vic coffee cup collab, which was illustrated by Michaela and produced by Ingrid Tufts.

Thanks again Michaela for letting us into your studio!

For more images, click here.

Photography: Kim Brockett

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artsy ant said...

Wow, seems like she has a of of patience! Beautiful work!