Monday, 24 January 2011

It's easy being green

We forgot to mention that in 2010, Craft Victoria was a State finalist in the CitySwitch National Awards and although we didn't win, we were the only cultural institution to be named across the Awards! Toot toot! (What's the sound of that? Why it's the sound of us tooting our horn!)

Anyway, this is super exciting for us as we all took steps to reduce our energy consumption in 2010. In fact, we were so effective that we cut our consumption by a whopping 27% compared to 2009! It's all thanks to the small stuff like switching off appliances that aren't in use, making sure the heater/air conditioner was being used effectively and turning off the lights. To learn more about our Green Policy, click here.

In 2011, we're hoping to better this by reducing our consumption even further - this year we're going to take it down by 10%! To kickstart things we've started sending out payslips by email rather than mail, and we're also looking into greener lighting options.

It'll be tricky, but we think we can do it... with your help! So here's a callout to all of our readers for green tips that we can implement in the office.

PS. CitySwitch also wrote a case study on our green awesomeness which outlines the steps we took in 2010, and you can read that here.


Gail Walker said...

go green!

memtree said...

well done! keep going :)