Thursday 31 March 2011

Artist talks: this Sat, 2pm

Come by at 2pm this Saturday 2 April to listen to the current exhibitors Liz Williamson, Martha McDonald and Danny Frommer speak about their work. This event is free and bookings aren't essential - just turn up!

Here are some extra details about this Saturday's artist talks:

Liz Williamson: New Textiles
Liz Williamson: New Textiles presents a new body of work, playing on ideas of shelter and memory, containment and bodily protection. The exhibition makes connections between clothing and the body; experimenting with different weaves, textures and structures, whilst exploring visual and conceptual territory.

Martha McDonald: The Weeping Dress
Martha McDonald is an interdisciplinary artist whose work features handcrafted costumes and objects that are activated through gesture, singing and autobiographical narrative. The Weeping Dress comprises a performance and installation arising from detailed research into Victorian mourning culture.

Danny Frommer: Fluffy Transmission
Fluffy Transmission is a new installation combining the soft and somewhat organic forms of pom-poms with the mechanically limited motion of a rotary transmission system. This 'mechanism' has not been assembled as a means toward an end goal, but rather to reflect on how machines operate, transmit forces and propagate values.

Photography: Lily Feng

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