Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lucky Charm fundraiser

2010 Craft Victoria exhibitor and dear friend Natalia Milosz-Piekarska has organised a charity auction of contemporary jewellery called Lucky Charm: Making Good Fortunte Happen in order to raise funds for the current situation in Japan.

The online auction can be viewed here and features about 50 contemporary jewellers including COUNTER stockists (in no order of awesome-ness) Karla Way, Elfrun Lach, Anna Davern, Phoebe Porter, Elizabeth Kennedy, Melinda Young, Linda Hughes and Vicki Mason as well as Inari Kiuru, Julia deVille, Katherine Bowman and Pamela Love. Phew! What a luminous list.

L-R: Karla Way (bidding currently at $155 as of 30 March), Elfrun Lach (bidding currently at $50 as of 29 March)

Anna Davern (bidding currently at $180 as of 27 March)

Phoebe Porter (bidding currently at $50 as of 27 March)

The reserve price for all works is $30 and the auction closes at 11pm on 21 April. You can also donate if you'd rather not bid

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