Monday 26 December 2011

Resolution #1: More DIY Projects

Cut & Paste, Richard Brereton and Caroline Roberts
available at Craft Victoria
Christmas comes and goes like there’s no tomorrow, yet we all know that there always is, a tomorrow that is. So rather than dwelling on the fact that there are no more presents to come and our bellies are as full as balloons, we thought we would focus on looking forward. 2011 has been a swell year, but there are always some slight tweaks to be made when planning for the New Year. So between now and 01 January, we are going to put pencil to paper to create our resolutions for the year to come.

So coming in at number 1, is to not only think about, but actively partake in plentiful amounts of DIY projects. For some reason these crafty little hands on projects seem to fall under the same umbrella as cooking a nice meal after a hard days work. We know it can be a ball, we know that we feel amazing for it, yet for some peculiar reason we tell ourselves we deserve a break, when really this is the optimum break. Well not this year. This year we are treating ourselves kindly and committing to the indulgence of sitting back with paper, scissors and glue and going to town. We’re thinking that if Cut & Paste replaces the current coffee table book, we might not be able to hold back from DIY even if we try. With stories and inspirational works from more than 40 artists of the collage tribe, who wouldn’t want get cutting and pasting!?

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