Tuesday 27 December 2011

Resolution #2: Make washing the dishes fun!

Third Drawer Down, Katherine Brickman Winning Tea Towel
We’re pretty good, but like everyone, we could be better. The roster has been drawn up, with every person on a specific day, so we think that it is more of an issue of inspiration over organisation. After all, washing the dishes is a pretty hard chore to feel inspired about. So this coming year, New Year’s Resolution #2 is to make sure the dishes are not only done every day, but they are done with a feeling of creativity in a flamboyant manner. Sing a tune in the process, dance while you wash or imagine you’re bathing in a bubble bath as your smell the soap foam. Whichever way you please, try turning your chores into an art form in itself that floods with creative suds. Third Drawer Down have certainly managed to create a creativity/chore hybrid with their limited edition artist print tea towels. We think this Katherine Brickman Winning Tea Towel pegged above our sink might assist us with truly triumphing in the dishes department. With them all being limited edition and 100% linen, with screen prints of quirky artworks, we think that they may suit better to inspiring one to do the dishes, rather than actually assisting (well, that is our plan at least).

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