Wednesday 28 December 2011

Resolution #3: pick more fresh flowers

Grab your big hardy metal scissors, chuck on some gumboots and take a waltz in the garden. Find some flowers, cut them at their roots and carefully arrange them in your most treasured vase. Now, go about your business, run some errands, have a coffee or go for a bike ride. Then come back into your home, have one big whiff and tell us that there is a better feeling than walking into a room filled with fresh flowers!? Well let's be honest, there probably is, but no need to dampen the point we're trying to make,  fresh flowers still rank pretty highly.  So our New Year's Resolution #3 is to make sure there are more fresh flowers in beautiful vases around the place to offer a little freshness to the senses. Don't forget that even flowers have feelings and they deserve as good a home as any. Finding the perfect home for the perfect bunch isn't always easy, so we've done a little groundwork on your behalf. This one would work for the one who is till looking for that special somebody, this is perfect for the breed that has always yearned for green stems, here we've found a home for those in search of a delicate simplicity, oh and this one is a roses dream, with that rugged finish to cuddle those spikey thorns. And remember there is always plenty more to choose from down at 31 Flinders Lane - re-opening for the New Year on 16 January, 2012.

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