Friday 15 September 2006

Defence of the maker

Looks like support for the Hand's On exhibition is dropping slightly. It's now down to 64%. Here's a feisty comment by Queensland ceramicist Shannon Garson:

I think the first craft exhibtion in this prestigous institution should showcase craft. There are plenty of commercial venues for design and industrial products designed to reference craft are not craft, and are often misleading in our craft ignorant culture. Objects such as these have a wide reach in furniture shops and design venues. Galleries that can showcase the handmade should make an effort to do so with sensitivity towards makers and an understanding of the term "handmade".

Meanwhile, Melbourne streets are being plastered with ads for Tiffany jewellery from the 'Frank Gehry Collection'. What does it mean for a piece of jewellery to come from someone's 'collection'? Did Frank Gehry find it on a beach somewhere? We presume that Frank Gehry didn't actually make these pieces. Architecture as brand seems to be growing ever larger and now extending into the crafts. The result might look good against the reclining flesh in the photo, but it's appeal on an upright person is more likely to be it's brand value rather than inherent beauty as an object. 

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