Monday 6 November 2006

Dare go into the woods today?

Viveka de Costa and Michael Conole outside their new shop Hercynia Silva. Michael is a wood carver (known for his work with Ricky Swallow) and has a particular passion for making banjos. Viveka is an artist with specialty in graphic design. Their store is a sanctuary for all things wooden and can be found at 656 Smith Street, Clifton Hill.

The name comes from the bounty of blackwood that Michael found on a Trentham property. Hercynia Silva refers to the endless forest that blocked the advance of the Romans into Germania. It does raise a question about the intense interest in the forest currently. Craft Victoria's shop is beginning to look like a forest itself, with all the owls, deers and wolves that are being produced around Melbourne. It's quite a contrast to the gumnuts that once populated craft stores. Mmm, this warrants further thought...

1 comment:

Carson said...

I have noticed the emergence of deer in crafted objects lately.
Please no gumnuts!