Monday 6 November 2006

Mentorship and process

Throughout this mentorship I have been focused on process; documenting and recording my work as it takes place, as it evolves and changes shape.

Recording this process has also been an interesting and fun project. It is something I have not done before in this way. It is difficult to capture yourself in the act of doing- hence often only one hand is present in a photo! The self-timer is a great tool and so too is the video function.

I  have been using a lot of house paint in my work. Paint can be quite toxic and I have not yet looked into using eco- paints. This would be preferable to the regular stuff, but the other option I thought of was to ask people for old paint they had sitting in their back sheds. This way I would be using up a waste material, and putting it to creative purposes. Something to ponder…

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