Thursday 16 November 2006

Much hangs on this exhibition in Shepparton

Art Gallery of Shepparton curator Kirsten Lacy, artist/curator Elaine Miles and artist's mother and Country Women's Association activist, Jean Miles, at the opening of Coathangers, a collaborative exhibition between the Goulburne Vallery West CWA and the Contemporary Sculptors Association. The project was originally designed as a form of drought relief that could also harness the creative resources held in store by the CWA. The project has only grown in significance as the original one in a hundred year drought that motivated the project has now transformed itself into a one in a thousand year drought, wreaking havoc to the lives of those dependent on the land. The exhibition is a welcome bright spot. One element offers a glimpse of what is to come with planned collaborative project with recent migrant women from Afghanistan. The intrepid Jean Miles has already taken one of their patterns and transferred it to stitching on a coathanger.

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