Wednesday 30 May 2007

The Democratic Potter


Last night saw the opening of Noel McKenna's exhibition The Democratic Potter at Niagara Galleries in Richmond (Noel is picture above with Niagara painter Angela Brennan). A Sydney-based painter, McKenna has recently discovered the pleasures of ceramics and three-dimensional form. While his vessels are slipcast elsewhere, he fabricates decorative elements by hand and with a roller. The results are often painterly and quote Paul Klee's dictum about 'taking a line for a walk'. But there are also some very curious collections of miniature objects in clear perspex boxes. The show proved very popular and McKenna now joins Stephen Benwell as a ceramic force in the gallery's stable.

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Ramona said...

I've always like Noel McKenna's style - he has that lovely illustrative flair - a line here, a spot there. I wonder if his ceramics capture the same melancholy humour of his drawings?