Monday, 31 March 2008

envelope workshop 2

"The workshop was great on Saturday. Rose, Alison, Helen, Kim and Elise found some lovely fabrics and cord. The only challenge for most was the fabric width, so if this is something others are struggling with as they down load the pattern, don't worry, if you are a little too narrow use eyelets and cord to fasten down the centre front. it'll be be perfect. that's the beauty of the piece. just change a fastening or a stitch and you have a whole new object to call your own.

I'm still hoping everyone puts a photo online. It would be so fresh, over the 2 years the How You Make It exhibition travels, to have a continuous catwalk over that time. It'll be a first for fashion - a two year long catwalk documentation - so come on everyone! have a go. It's so easy. We're dying to see what you make and what materials you think are fashionable."

"Stitch by stitch. it's just three folds, four pockets and a centre front fastening - 7 straight lines of stitching! then it's up to you how you fasten it. Oh, yes - the PDF is causing a couple of problems for some people. hint one: the armholes are 26cm long and begin just on the edge of the top pocket/hood, running straight down towards the waist, not towards the centre front. I hope this is clearer. go for it. "

Anthea van Kopplen
Designer, participating in How You Make It.

Don't forget you can download the pattern from the Craft Victoria site here and if you've made us an envelope piece, share it with us by uploading it to our flickr group. Or email it to us and we'll upload it for you.

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