Thursday 27 March 2008

Springing back

Apologies to our regular clog readers for such a hiatus in the posts. Our blogging queen, Lauren, has been trés lazy - off completing extra-curricular full-time study whilst managing a full work load. She's back now and we can expect to resume regular service from now on.

Over the last few weeks, several judges from the craft and design sector have been keenly assessing applications for the Springboard entrepreneurship program. Run by Australian Design Unit, it's a program for designers (and craft practitioners), which provides opportunity for training, mentorship and professional support to further develop their practice.

Craft Victoria would like congratulate several CV members and COUNTER suppliers on making it through to Stage One. It's an encouraging sign that so many crafty-types are participating in such a great opportunity. We look forward to hearing about their progress as the program develops.

Hip hip hooray! to:

Bridget Bodenham
Christopher Plumridge
in-sync design
Jessie Fairweather
Jonathan Baskett
Martin Davis
Matthew Harding
Nina Oikawa
Ronnie Lacham
Tim Fleming

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