Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sneak peek: Irene Grishin-Selzer 'Love You More Than Life'

The Russian word ‘toska’ has no singular equivalent in the English language but connotes both the beauty and mourning inherent in the desire to hold on to the unattainable. French philosopher Julia Kristeva similarly speaks of death and beauty as the lure of the ephemeral, posing the question: “Is beauty inseparable from the ephemeral and hence from mourning?” It is perhaps within the aporia between the tangible and the fleeting that we might place Irene Grishin-Selzer’s Love You More Than Life. In this new body of work Grishin-Selzer combines porcelain and lush glaze to figure a cultural landscape fraught with the classic tensions between love and loss; pleasure and fear; beauty and death. The porcelain figurine becomes a vehicle to express our longings and uncertainties about contemporary life: both an object of desire and the remains of a fragile history.

We're right in the thick of things here with the Month About Making festival here at CVHQ, but we couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek into our September exhibition program which features Irene Grishin-Selzer's show Love You More Than Life.

Irene (of Iggy and LouLou fame) will present a series of figurative porcelain works in Gallery 1. The exhibition will open on Thursday 25 September at 6pm with artist talks and lots of bubbly and will run until 25 October. Hope to see you there!

Additionally, Irene will also be part of the fourth and final instalment of Meet Your Maker, a series of artist talks and discussions involving a variety of makers. To be held on Saturday 30 August from 2 to 3pm, Irene will join fellow ceramacists Gregory Bonasera and Robyn Phelan. This is a free event and no booking is necessary, just turn up!

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