Friday, 8 August 2008

AMAM by numbers

270... The number of people who came to the opening (thank you!)
133... The number of works on display
60... The number of bottles of bubbly and white wine that was guzzled
26... The number of days A Month About Making will run for
21... The number of staff, interns and volunteers involved in the festival
2... Collaborative duo April Phillips and Tim Fleming's spectacular installation Pretend Plants that is co-existing happily along the sides of galleries 1 and 2
1... One online catalogue where you can view the magnificent work in the comfort of home (don't forget to drop by though)

Also big congratulations to April Phillips, recipient of the 2008 Emerging Artist Initiative! April, a shoemaker, will be researching and creating footwear based on characters from The Zig Zag Troupe, a performing group active between 1884 and 1942. Upon completion, April's research will be shown at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and we look forward to marvelling at what April will come up with.

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