Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Month About Making

"A Month About Making is a new festival of public events, workshops, residencies, exhibitions and forums focusing on the practical and conceptual elements of making, inherent in craft and design. Throughout August, A Month About Making will explore current trends in craft and design practice, provide professional development opportunities for practitioners, conduct formal and informal discussions on contemporary craft and design philosophy and writing, and investigate the place of 'making' within creative and cultural industries."

-Joe Pascoe, Artistic Director, CEO and all-round nice guy

With the Marian Hosking exhibition packed up and ready to go to the next gallery on its schedule - FORM Gallery in Perth - things here at CVHQ are abuzz with activity. Plinths are being given a brand new coat of paint, exhibition fittings sorted, beautiful works of art arranged, wood sawed, hair pulled out, loads of chocolate eaten.. it's crazy! But it's not long more till we launch our fabulous new public program A Month About Making which we are sure many of you have probably already heard of already (If not - egads! Where have you been?!).

It's a jam-packed program with tons of exciting workshops, exhibitions, residencies and events to participate in. You can also look forward to the members' exhibition In The Making which features over 100 pieces of work from our wonderful supporters. Really, we could go on and on... but to keep it short, sweet and snappy here is a link to the program. Of course our annual seminar event Craft and Design as a Career is another jewel in our AMAM crown and the program of speakers and talks is available here.

Places for some of the programs are running out, so do get in touch if you'd like to book a spot. You know the number... (9650 7775)

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