Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Craft Hatch in July: this Saturday!

Hamish and Betty by Kate Brereton

This Saturday get ready for the July edition of Craft Hatch! To be held at our regular spot in the Gallery at the City Library, this month Craft Hatch welcomes fresh new artists Kate Brereton of softie label Hamish and Betty, illustrator Charlotte Tizzard of Cserpent Art, jewellery students from NMIT's Product Design course, knitwear designer Paola Delgado and accessories maker Rebecca Wadge of Scarlet Designs.

They will be joining several Craft Hatch familiar faces including jewellers Deirdre Hoban & Jasmine Targett, stationer Kim McGeachin and her label Moose and Me, cuddly toys from Fontok's Myf Kemp, unisex jewellery label Does Not Equal by Charisse Black, students from Box Hill TAFE Jewellery, Lisa Engelhardt of textile label Orchis Morio and furniture makers Studio Hip (who currently are part of enCOUNTER exhibition Fully Furnished, which is part of the State of Design festival).

Phew! What a mouthful.

Here's a peek at what lies in store for you come Saturday:

Studio Hip by Damien Hipwell and Jacqueline Cuijpers

Fontok by Myf Kemp

Alpaca knitwear by Paola Delgado

Box Hill TAFE jewellery students

Scarlet Designs by Rebecca Wadge

NMIT Product Design - pencil necklace by Karla McEachern

Orchis Morio by Lisa Engelhardt

Moose and Me by Kim McGeachin

Cserpent Art by Charlotte Tizzard

Deirdre Hoban

Jasmine Targett

Does Not Equal by Charisse Black

To recap, Craft Hatch in July will take place this Saturday between 11am and 4pm at the Gallery on Level 1 at the City Library, 253 Flinders Lane.

Craft Hatch in July... because it's better than Christmas in July!

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