Wednesday 8 July 2009

Craft Hatch update! Movie giveaway

This just in!

We've received a bundle of 2-for-1 movie passes to Michelle Pfeiffer's latest film Chéri thanks to our sweet connections. These passes are valid for the entire theatrical screening of the film and will be available for collection at the Craft Hatch market this Saturday.

About the film:

"Set in the luxurious demi-monde of pre-First World War Paris, CHÉRI is the story of the love affair between the beautiful retired courtesan Léa (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Chéri (Rupert Friend ), the son of her old colleague and rival, Mme Peloux (Kathy Bates). Léa has educated the spoilt and callow boy in the ways of love, but after six years Mme Peloux has secretly arranged for Chéri to marry the daughter of another rich courtesan. As the inevitable moment of parting approaches, Léa and Chéri begin to understand, too late, how much they mean to one another."

As if you needed one more reason to come to the market this Saturday...*

*don't forget, it's from 11am-4pm at the City Library on Flinders Lane

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