Thursday 13 August 2009

Bio-Accessories artist talk

Last Saturday, artists Brittany Veitch and Ben Landau presented a very articulate artist talk to an intimate group of people on their exhibition Bio-Accessories which is currently on display at the niches in the City Library and Craft Victoria.

It was a great session that gave an insight into the technical and conceptual processes involved behind Ben and Britt's project, and it was fascinating to hear about some of the ideas that didn't make the cut.

Ben and Britt also brought along with them works-in-progress and prototypes of some of the Bio-Accessories, and at the end of the talk the audience was invited to have a poke around the various bits and bobs.

There are six niches at the City Library in total, all of which are located on the ground floor. Here's a look at a couple of the niches:

In the spirit of craft, Ben and Britt have also craftily carried out a bit of guerilla gardening by planting several bio-accessories along Flinders Lane. Apparently they are just above eye-level, so next time you're heading up to Craft Victoria or down to City Library, make sure you have a look!

To view more images of the exhibition, click here and here.

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