Wednesday 25 November 2009

Studio visit: James Roberts

This week, here's a peek at Shoe Show exhibitor James Roberts' old studio in Carlow House which he shared with a large group of other artists including Dani M and Felicity Jane Large. They've all since moved due to a rent hike (boo) and James has now relocated to a top secret, top notch new location which will be revealed all in good time...

James operating some heavy machinery

James also shared his workspace with another shoemaker Steve Phillips (who is also the very lovely Dani M's husband!)

Illustrations by Max Blackmore, done with a soldering iron
xo shoe, part of the Shoe Show exhibition

Full-length interview with James coming up soon...

In the meantime, Shoe Show is in its last days. Ending this Saturday 28 November, make sure you drop by and pick up a catalogue while you're here!

Photography by Richard Brockett

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