Monday 21 December 2009

Craft Victoria's green crusade

To welcome the new year, CVHQ is going green!

We're starting off with baby steps, and to get things going we've acquired a range of Keep Cups (pictured above) that will help reduce our coffee cup consumption - especially Nella and her 4 coffees a day, whoa!!!! - as well as a Pyrex containers and tupperware for takeaway food.

By 2010, we hope to reduce our electricity bills by 20% which we'll achieve mostly through big things like switching to energy-efficient appliances and little things like turning off the lights when not in use. It's the little things that add up after all! We've also ordered ourselves a Bokashi bucket which is a handy composter for organic waste. Mmm, compost.

So here's to an even greener 2010, we'll keep you posted!


sheezamageeza said...

Yay cv!
I just bought two of these for Kris Kringle presents from the Swanston St eco popup store. It's lovely.

Unknown said...

how do i get one?

Craft Victoria said...

Hi Mark,
You can get Keep Cups directly from their website. Otherwise, the eco pop-up store on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins St is another stockist, as is RG Madden.