Wednesday 20 January 2010

Oh Liz! The places you'll go...

It's been a day of favourites with one of our favouritest bloggers in the world, Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, posted this lovely write-up on our very dear Liz Wilson, one-time shopgirl/photographer at Craft Victoria and current design wunderkind currently employed at one of our favourite design agencies Ortolan (home of Michi Girl and the beautiful Kat Macleod). Oh man, we knew we shouldn't have let her go!!! (just kidding, we are so over the moon at all the great things Liz is achieving)

We couldn't be more excited to read all the lovely comments Lucy's readers have been posting about Liz's work - congratulations Liz! And thank you as well to Lucy for linking to Liz's interview with CLOG a while back - visitation numbers literally swelled to new heights. Thanks Lucy!

To remember the good times, click here to read Liz's interview with us. Don't forget to check out Lucy's post too while you're at it!

What's even more amazing is Liz's recent foray into ceramics. Have a look-see for yourself:

Images from Liz's blog

At the risk of sounding like an eastern suburb lady, can we just say that these works are simply gorgeous dahh-ling!

For more of Liz, have a peek at her blog 'The Things She Sees' - it's a wonderful collection of inspiring photos, things and projects.


Liz said...

CV!! You gorgeous things! Thank you for your lovely words. I hope you know without you all I wouldn't be where I am today. I hold CV so close to my heart, the short but very sweet time I was with you was an amazing opportunity which I hope many others get to experience. See you tomorrow night! xx

Lucy said...

hey Craft Victoria Peeps!! Aww shucks!

Thankyou for your super sweet words about my blog and for the link! You are too lovely :)

I must pop in and visit you soon!

Lucy xx