Tuesday 24 August 2010

Craft Cubed featured event: Tait Store 'Did you PLAY to BE?'

Tait Store is the new showroom for Tait furniture and friends. Comprising of various design, art and craft practices Did you PLAY to BE? features Mariana Garcia-Katz (who will be at Craft Hatch in September presenting her label m2matiz), Peter McLisky, Jo Wilson, Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Dale Rock and Susan Tait.

Each artist was invited to create a 2D or 3D piece which best displayed the strongest childhood influence to shape their chosen career path.

Where did this passion come from?
Did it grow from PLAY?
Do you still PLAY?

Was it family, home environment or summer holidays?

Was the creative journey sparked by a specific event or simply the discovery of a certain material and what you could do with it?

Above all, the artists and designers will return to the inspiration of PLAY.

Dale Rock, Untitled 1972

Jo Wilson, wooden objects

Mariana Garcia-Katz, Betty is a chatterbox

Nikolai Kotlarczyk, fields of play

Peter McLisky, Splosh

Susan Tait, Boats imagined for journeys far

Did you PLAY to BE? is on until 3 September at the Tait Store, 176 Johnston Street Fitzroy (Mon-Sat 10-5pm, Sun 11-4pm).

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