Monday 23 August 2010

Craft Cubed featured event: Caroline Philips and Samantha Scott 'Hide and Seek'

Hide and Seek is an exhibition presented by Caroline Philips and Samantha Scott. Currently on at red gallery in North Fitzroy from now till 7 August, Hide and Seek consists of a series of installations and object-based work that explores notions of 'play' and how it influences the formation of identity.

Samantha Scott, Brain wave (detail pictured above)

Hide and Seek is an installation of sculptures, exploring modalities of play and its role in the formation of identity. The two artists and their respective approaches (industrial/materials and natural/mixed media), focus on accentuating the hand made and expanding contemporary craft discourse.

Hide and Seek will communicate and challenge notions of security, safety and psychological states. Through play children explore role playing, construction, collecting, coveting, boundaries, limitation and order. These elements are crucial to human growth, the development into adulthood and the formation of cultural and societal connections.

Hide and Seek will display the capacity of a child to live in the moment, by creating environments that reflect childhood states of being. The exhibition will elicit contemplation of the innate creativity and freedom of children and childhood.

(L-R) Samantha Scott, Fall 41, Cell eggs

(L-R) Samantha Scott, Family Hair Net (detail), Caroline Philips, Swing

Samantha Scott, Fall 41 (detail)

Caroline Philips, Three Thousand Pipe Cleaners

Caroline Philips, Slide

For more information including detailed images, make sure you check out the Hide and Seek exhibition blog.

red gallery is open Wed to Sat from 11am-5pm

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