Monday 7 February 2011

Studio visit: Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design

Little Circus Design, bird cluster mobile (timber), $200

As you've probably noticed we've introduced a few new regular maker profiles in 2011: there's one for Craft Hatch, enCOUNTER (coming soon!), and now a 'Product of the Month' for COUNTER!

Our February product of the month is none other than Little Circus Design's timber bird cluster mobile (pictured above). Laser cut by none other than a laser cutting machine, introduce this functional artwork to a little one's room to start their art appreciation education early! But really, it's suitable for all ages and looks best with a little natural light filtering through, a gentle breeze or two and a self-satisfied smile as you marvel over your amazing personal taste.

From today till 5 March, we'll be showcasing Little Circus Design in our window space (the window next to enCOUNTER) so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

Oh and if Craft Victoria is slightly out of the way for you, you can purchase the bird cluster mobile from our online shop too and arrange for it to be posted to you! It comes in a variety of colours and as single units as well, so have a look or call us on 03 9650 7775 for more info.

Madeleine's desk

BUT! For now here is a peek into Madeleine Stamer's (the lovely lady behind Little Circus Design) work space in her beautiful home in Elsternwick. There were seriously so many wonderful details to take in like sweet postcards, pretty masking tape and string collections, nice packaging, even her paint palette was totally cute!

In addition to a look at her studio, Madeleine has also kindly answered some questions for us. Take a look!

What were the ups and downs of setting up Little Circus in the beginning? It must be so satisfying to see how it’s grown over the years into something so successful!

Setting up was a super easy transition coming from ceramics. I am very lucky to have my husband Karl [Stamer, photographer and King's Way co-author], assist with scanning, retouching and printing, we are a good team. He encourages me and vice versa. The biggest drawback is the lack of space. I dream of a backyard studio pod.

In the interim we have an amazing lift up bed (sounds weird) but it stores SO MUCH work. Fortunately my work is mostly flat and can be piled on top of itself. I have a bazillion originals and sketches all stored away waiting to see the light of day.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?
Every project I'm involved in is a proud and special achievement. I particularly loved collaborating with Third Drawer Down and with Lucy Feagins from The Design Files. I am a lucky duck.

What would your dream collaboration entail?
-My background is in ceramics so I'd love to design some 3D work to cast for Dinosaur Designs. My big kid dream would be to illustrate the Myer Christmas windows (a year long task) and a contract with House Industries (heaven).

What’s really inspired you lately?
Every morning I check out The Design Files to get my daily inspiration injection. A few regular blogs that make me tick are The Flower Drum (very funny), Beci Orpin's blog, Kate Banazi and Dos Family to name a few.

And finally, do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
Work hard, have confident in your work, get all your originals scanned or photographed, be resilient and don't let rejection stand in your way, explore and have many adventures!

Vintage picture cubes that were from Madeleine's husband's childhood

Enviable string + masking tape collection - also pictured, cute postcard by Dick Bruna, one of Madeleine's favourite artists!

Very pretty (and soft!) patchwork cushion

Want more? Click here to view more images!

And make sure you have a look at Madeleine's blog, Little Birdsville.

PS. Did we mention also that Madeleine sent us off with a couple of fairy cupcakes (which were eaten before they could be photographed!) - how awesome is that! Thanks Maddie!

Photography: Kim Brockett

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