Thursday 14 July 2011

Studio visit: Emily Green

Today, CLOG is proud to present a visit to the wonderful Emily Green's studio! We first met Emily when she participated in our emerging artist market Craft Hatch back in 2010, and after enjoying roaring success Emily soon began stocking at our shop. In fact, this lady has been so successful that she now has her work in 28 cute boutiques all over Australia. That's right, TWENTY EIGHT! Talk about world domination!

In addition to being awesome, Emily has also managed to find time to create a super cool installation for our enCOUNTER window space. Entitled Polygramatic, this exhibition consists of suspended large scale collages done in her signature style. Our good friend Dawn Tan has beat us to the chase and taken some beaaaautiful installation shots including the one below:

Photo by Dawn Tan

is on for a couple more weeks till 30 July. enCOUNTER is a street level 24/7 space, so you can view Emily's installation ANY TIME!

A lot of you might be already familiar with Emily's bright fimo necklaces and collage brooches (seeing as how they're stocked pretty much all over town), and we hope you enjoy this peek into the processes behind Emily's beautiful work. Enjoy!

Works for Polygramatic

Emily also always has the BEST outfits on! Seriously!

Necklaces waiting to be finished - we have some in stock at the moment at the shop and online

A big thank you to Emily for letting us visit her studio at Harvest Textiles :-)

Photography: Kim Brockett


Emma - Harvest Textiles said...

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this post. such colourful photos!