Saturday 31 December 2011

Toasting to a Happy New Year !!

Can you believe it, another year gone!? Well it was a swell year for us at Craft Victoria as we hope it
was for you, too. Let us hope that 2012 bring us the same goodness and spreads it to all of our friends 
in the process.

Tonight is going to be a toasty New Years Eve in Melbourne (and tomorrow shall bring us an even toastier beginning for the year to come). We've spent our summer break brain-storming our idea of the perfect New Years Eve and we've decided it would sound something like this: nice wine, fresh fruit and cheese & biccies on a picnic rug on fresh green grass in a city garden with some cheery, bright and warm-loving friends. All pretty do-able, the only real question is, what wine to dine with...? 

When it comes to picking the perfect wine for the perfect occasion, for us, it's all about the prefect label. And have we found the perfect labels!? Cake Wines have a new sav blanc and cab merlot with psychedelic labels deigned by the wonderfully talented Beci Orpin and Kill Pixie. 

So, with a glass in our hand, we make a toast to you all: Thanking you all kindly for a year of inspiration and exploration, wishing you all a happy and creative year in 2012 and we cannot wait to continue working with you all to spread your artistic flair! Happy New Year!

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