Tuesday 3 January 2012

Midnight in Paris in Abbotsford

Woody AllenMidnight in Paris, 2011

Imagine yourself lying in the gardens of river meets flora. You lie on a blanket with champagne in hand whilst friends surround. Hemingway takes you on a wild adventure with his endless gallivanting, whilst Dali pops by and Picasso swings past. As the sun is sets you think you are either in a past world of Paris or your imagination, when all this magic is really happening in the heart of Melbourne in your reality. This summer, The Shadow Electric blesses Melbourne with our very own one and only, independent open-air cinema. On the grounds of the historical Abbotsford Convent, people from around the city are beginning to flock to the outdoor cinema for drinks, nibbles and the epitome of a cultured summer experience. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris shall screen on Saturday 14 January, where the crowd shall be taken on a journey into the past, the past of 1920’s creativity in Paris. We’ve discovered that tickets are selling at the speed of light and thus thought we would do the courteous thing of giving a heads up to our friends. For $19 Adult or $16 Concessions, tickets can be pre-booked here. The doors to 1 St. Helliers Street, Abbotsford shall open at 6pm. Already seen the film and not quite yet up for round two? Keep smiling, as there is an extensive program that continues through to April and it is ready right here for your browsing pleasure.

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