Wednesday 4 January 2012

Pauls - milking designers for what they're worth.

Over the summer we have been enjoying plenty of strawberry milkshakes, iced coffees and fresh fruit smoothies. And the one common ingredient that satisfies all our favourite summer drinks… Good old fashioned milk. The taste is refreshing, the feeling is calming, the calcium is strengthening our bones, but there is just one thing that we believe could be added to the mix to really top off the entire milk experience – a sweet pure artwork on the carton to offer a little creative inspiration for us trying to create the dream summer beverage concoction. So Pauls Milk read our minds and have come up with a competition for all of you designers, illustrators and artists out there to go into the running to have your artwork on the side of a Rev Milk Carton for 2012! And to top it all off, this little promo is to help celebrate their new environmentally friendly FSC-certified packaging. (Go Pauls!) The winner will also find themselves with a one year subscription to Desktop Magazine and a $500 Whirlwind print voucher. Make sure to have a good read of the terms and conditions here and set an alarm clock for 16 January for the competition deadline. We love our milk, we love the environment and we certainly love design, so yes, we love you Pauls.

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