Monday 16 January 2012

come in, we're OPEN.

Fabio Giannelli, Turning Open
Greetings two thousand and twelve! We have all had a nice little break here at Craft Vic and now we're feeling more refreshed and inspired than ever and raring to go for the New Year. An exciting year is in stall for us, which means that an exciting year is too, in stall for all of you. We have 3 exhibitions that are although tantalisingly subtle in medium are indeed about to come courageously to life in a bold and explorative means this Thursday night. Craft Hatch applications are open now for our March edition of our quarterly curated craft  market and boy are we excited by some of the entries that are swimming in. Our Membership program is thriving more than ever and the shop if looking dashingly debonair to say the least. Our Craft Cubed Festival is in the works, with ideas being thrown about here, there and everywhere. And last but most definitely not least, our latest venture, our brand new blog. Especially designed so that you can get more bang for your buck when you pop over to visit us with exciting stories, inspiring interviews and beautiful photographs.. We will be posting regularly on events, artists, our members, products and competitions through posts, interviews, editorial, studio visits and more. Keep an eye out for the spontaneous launch some time this week. Oh and ps. We’re (Craft Victoria shop) back open, so come and say hi.

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