Friday 13 January 2012

Coming soon...!

Photo from here.
Oooh ahh do we have some exciting news for you!? We have been busy little beavers at Craft Vic. We've been designing, sourcing and deciphering code madly to present to you a new and improved blog for 2012. We will be posting daily with news, events, products, artists and resources on art, craft and design. There will be giveaways, interviews, studio visits and more. From now on we will always be on the lookout for quirky new products, quaint idea, opportunities for emerging makers and everything in between to provide our friends with all there is to know about craft in Melbourne and beyond. The new blog will be going live one day next week, you will just have to stay tuned to see which is the lucky day.

So now we just have a small couple of favours to ask of you:
1. Stay tuned for the revealing of our new site
2. Have a look around
3. Pop it on your favourites for easy access
4. Tell your friends about it
5. Let us know of any news you have that might be suitable for our page. Especially to our members, suppliers, partners and supporters... We want to be able to let everyone know about any exciting news you have to share. All submissions for potential posting should be sent through to with BLOG SUBMISSION in the header.


Evie said...

Ooooh ahh can't wait!! : )

Penny said...

Hooray! Definitely can't wait!