Thursday 12 January 2012

The obliteration room (AKA the coloured dot room)

Installation view of The obliteration room 2011 as part of ‘Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever’, GOMA
Yayoi Kusama has returned with yet again, another work of art, where the simplicity of forms and perfectly laundered concept are enabled to flourish through the interactive nature of the piece. Anyone who bought a Christmas present from us here at Craft Vic this year will know that we had quite a bit of fun with coloured circle stickers on our Chrissy wrapping. But not all of the gifts we wrapped put together could compare to the fun to be had in an installation piece like ‘The obliteration room’.

The typical Australian home, probably built for the mum, dad, 2.5 children and dog, was constructed and fitted with all locally made furniture. Designed and fitted by a renowned to be somewhat controversial artist, one might think this room to be slightly void of warmth and character. But this piece was not built to be a static work of art, like everything in the world it changes as interactions, or even obliterations take place. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day the room is flooded with visitors from all walks of life. They visit this blank canvas of a home as they are invited to demolish the stark sterile surface through the application of coloured, multi-sized circle stickers. As the walls, ornaments and furniture are annihilated with colour and pattern, the entire room morphs as dimensions distort and space diminishes in square meters, but inflates with life.

Only one work of many, Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art currently is housing the entire collection by Yayoi Kusama, Look Now, See Forever. The exhibition will run until 11 March 2012, so if you happen to assist population in the northern part of our country, or even if you’re lucky enough to be holidaying these summer months, we recommend a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery, GOMA. Best of luck in finding any wall space left to mark your spot though.

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Nikita said...

I really enjoyed this exhibition, and though the white walls were almost covered when I arrived at The Obliteration Room I had a heap of fun making patterns and contrasting spots on the walls. I've written a review on my blog ( about the whole show, SO worth a look and a sticker.