Wednesday 11 January 2012

Makers of Easter crafts, this is for you!

Dutch Magazine "Ariadne", 1976-1979
Now we know for a fact that there are many of you out there who make wonderfully snuggly, yet joyfully chirpy crafts for easter. For a starters, this wee knitted duck egg warmer, from Loope, is the perfect accessory for the easter period to keep that freshly boiled egg nice and cosy whilst you're busy in the garden hunting for chocolates. Speaking of which, we recommend that you utilise this piece for eggs of the chicken variety as opposed to the chocolate sort, unless you enjoy a nicely melted easter treat that is.

So anyway, back on track, Milk Magazine is on the hunt, literally, for some quaint as quaint can be easter crafts to feature in their editorial section of the mag. From clothing, to baskets, chocolates to ornaments, so long as it is hand-made in Australia, they want to know about it! If you're from Gippsland it's a bonus, but otherwise just make sure your product is available for purchase online. Chop chop though, the hunt is almost up. To be considered, one must send their work in here, by 5pm, 13 January. We know, we know Christmas has just finished and already Easter prep has begun. Think of the positives though, it won't be long until we'll have another excuse to fill our bellies with chocolate whilst painting and decorating eggs for kitsch ornamentation of our interiors. Yum and yum!

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