Wednesday 18 January 2012

GaawaaMiyay: a Cloth collaboration

Clothwork, a Cloth & GaawaaMiyay collaboration
Everyone has their dream collaboration project, that artist who you just love, whom you believe if you were to work with you could create something that is worthy of changing the world. For many Australian textile designers, we’re guessing that Cloth would feature at least in their top 5.

Clothwork, a Cloth & GaawaaMiyay collaboration
Now one little lady, with a whole lot of talent, culture and innovation has made the cut, being the first artist to collaborate with Julie Paterson of Cloth. Yuwaalaraay woman, Lucy Simpson began her very own textiles company in 2009, GaawaaMiyay, a company that deserves great credit and respect and fully worthy of the cloth collaboration. Drawing on inspiration for the land she stands on, Lucy shows respect for her country through her environmentally responsible practice with a contemporary Australian aesthetic. The collaboration with cloth, a limited edition range of cushions, tea towels and shoulder bags are available for purchase.

Beyond Cloth, GaawaaMiyay is standing strong on it’s own two feet. Story telling is translated through contemporary Indigenous designs, executed through stationery, bangles, scarves, tea towels, cushion s and lampshades. All products are created through a sustainable practice, utilizing natural fibres whilst being manufactured locally. Her work is vibrant and cultured, organic and real, as it tells the story of family and the Yuwaalaraay homeland. Work by GaawaaMiyay can be found at & Company, Antar, Cloth Fabric and Tali Gallery in NSW and is definitely worth a look and probably a feel too.

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