Thursday 19 January 2012

Submit for Vimeo Awards: We vote for Allison Schulnik

Who just loves to get lost in Vimeo, clicking between links of your favourite musicians and their film clips, losing yourself in magical stop motion and feeding the brain with docos of the world for hours on end!? We do and we're betting we're not alone. It's a jungle out there though, so you have to hop on the right path, know where you want to go, otherwise you might just find yourself in a puddle of corny mess.

So now the expedition is on, as Vimeo searches for the best works from all fields from the past year. Each category winner will win a glorious $5,000, with the overall winner scoring a whopping $25,000. As proud supporters of emerging artists, we think this is a pretty swell opportunity to not only help you fund your future creative ventures, but to also flood the online world with your magic. Some categories we think you might be interested are articulated as fashion, experimental, animation, motion graphics, music video and remix. 


We certainly had a whole pool of favourites this year that we would watch over and over and share and smile at, but if we had to pick just one, we think this may win first prize. It's Mound by Allison Schulnik. You may remember her famous hobo the clown from Grizzly Bear's film clip Ready, Able, but really each and every piece by Allison is pure ecstasy in it's own psychedelic sombre way. Mound is her latest master creation that is guaranteed to take you to another world, a world of obscure alien/elf-like creatures, confused haunted angels and skeleton brides coming together to form a mound amongst shrooms and owls of the wilderness. Colour marbles through the land and it's inhabitants like ink droplets falling into water before the ballerinas of dismay dance us to an end. It's moving, poetic and romantically haunting. And you can watch it here.

But in the end, we're not the the experts on the panel, so if you have something to share, enter here and let the judges have their say. Submissions due 20 February, 2012.

Allison Schulnik, Mound, 2011

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