Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fresh Goods: Spring edition

Right now we're just about inundated with 'Spring' puns (Spring into Fashion week anyone? Put a spring in your step? Spring fever?) so we'll do everyone a favour and get down to business. It's the start of a new season, the winter layers are slowly being shed (but unfortunately not the winter weight... yet), and the days are getting longer. Although it just might be because we've been receiving such a steady flow of great new work that it feels like the sun is always shining down on us anyway. Aww!

First up, new alphabet brooches in cherry red or blond wood from our Tasmanian friends Dick and Dora. A is for Apple, B is for Boy and C is for Come have a look...

Ceramicist Gregory Bonasera, whom some of you may have seen at the recent Meet Your Maker event, has dropped off a fantastic black mili bowl (to go with your white mili bowls of course) as well as the very-very last edition of his fruit tree bowl - that's the artist's proof pictured second! Also do have a look at Gregory's window display next to enCOUNTER.

Ewa Card has dropped off some new bird and people-scape brooches and neckpieces. We have lots of designs available so do ask to see them all!

New mouthblown glass works from Holly Grace. According to Holly, "The flattened surface of the leaf form becomes a 3D canvas to explore colour. Becoming an abstract painting that highlights the transparent and intrinsic qualities of glass and its capacity to interact with light." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Stay tuned for another upcoming post on more fresh goodies!

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