Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Staff Picks: The Autumn Edition

Autumn is rolling around quickly and at Craft Victoria we couldn't be happier. Goodbye stinking hot winds, Hello nice cool breeze. In celebration we have all picked something to welcome this cool change. This is what we feel we need to get ready for Autumn...

Carmel is keeping healthy with Apple necklaces by Kearnsie.

Lucy wants to have a tea party with Anne-Maria Plevier tea cups.

Anika is going to snuggle up with some Third Drawer Down pillowcases.

Anita is getting into the spirit of nature with a petal necklace by Lucy Hearn.

Nella is keeping her world bright with Melinda Youngs rings.
Joe is celebrating the falling leaves with Gregory Bonasera's 'the architect' bowl.
(Currently in our enCOUNTER window exhibition)
Steph's choice was to sip green tea from a beautiful Honor Freeman beaker.

Liz wants to build a forest with the trees from Flatland OK by Tim Fleming.

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