Monday, 6 April 2009

Viva La Craft!: a visual tour

Viva La Craft! (2008) fabric patchwork by Chicks on Speed (Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie, Kathi Glas)

We're just about halfway through our fabulous Chicks on Speed installation/exhibition, Viva la Craft! so it's about time that we shared some images with you dear reader!

Taking over the entire gallery space at CVHQ, the Chicks have transformed galleries 1, 2 and 3 into a riot of colour, craft and craziness. There are plenty of things to look at and examine, videos to watch, as well as an embroidery piece that everyone is welcome to work on. Mmm, communal craft. Is there a better kind? More photos of the embroidery coming up soon!

This giant wall hanging featuring their signature 'Girl Monster' design is sitting pretty in the back of the gallery and is the backdrop to the mini-stage the Chicks and Dylan Martorell used during their performance.

Overalls for All (2004) by Chicks on Speed and Jeremy Scott

You may remember our Book of the Month feature on the Chicks on Speed publication that we did sometime last year. With the book comes a bolt of fabric (printed with a Jeremy Scott design, naturally) and a pattern to make a jumpsuit. And now, behold, for this is what it could look like! It's very inspirational. You can also view the Chicks jumping (chortle) around in their own jumpsuits in the music video for Wordy Rappinghood. The video is part of the loop that is being shown as part of the exhibition at the moment, so you can view them in all their jumpsuited glory.

We weren't kidding when we said this exhibition is Bright and Colourful! (Capital B and a capital C intended!)

Fully functional (although perhaps not so wearable) high-heel guitar.
Gallery 3 is housing some very precious objects. Hanging on the wall to the left are the Chicks' very own 'instrument costumes' (pictured below) which they have worn while performing. The photograph on the right is of the Chicks in the midst of a photo shoot shot by the Godfather himself, Karl Lagerfeld.
The two contraptions atop the plinths in the centre of the room are voice-manipulating helmets. Yours truly would compare it against the Sonic Manipulator, one of Melbourne's beloved (?) buskers, although to do so would be a serious injustice... If you had tuned into ABC's Sunday Arts program last night, you would have seen Melissa operating one of the helmets. We hope you managed to catch it!

The exhibition is on until 24 April, which leaves you just over 3 weeks to pop in and say hello. Unfortunately photography isn't allowed in the space so if you're hankering after more images, do give us a call on 9650 7775. We'd be more than happy to help you out!
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